vision (1)Continue to develop a profitable, professional hand on Real Estate Management organization and aims to be the provider of first choice solutions fulfilling our responsibilities towards and work productively to meet our business goals “To provide clear titled, Fully developed hassle free residential plots in Govt approved gated community layouts surrounding Bangalore & other district Head quarters of Karnataka”.


We do not compromise when we invest in infrastructure because we know that the investment by our customers is their entire lifetime on the homes we make for them.


To build relations that last for lifetime by providing Approved, Hassle Free, High-Quality Sites and Houses at Reasonable charges.

Investment in Real Estate

The term investment is commonly known to every human earning  from output of his hard work in his specialization. Every person thinks of a comfort way to invest in various aspects without disturbing his regular work / business hours working right form his desk. The view of every person varies to invest his savings in different forms such as Shares, Real Estates, and Mutual Funds etc., to speak of few. Investing in Real Estates is always safe and secure. In this the principle amount is always safe and gets appreciation provided one plans and purchase a property in a developing areas with proper due diligence and forecast of development. Yet this needs a physical mobility to do all activities which may not be possible for everyone to spare time apart from his regular activities. The processes involved are Land acquisition, due diligence, Payment process, Security and Marketing support. All these activities are undertaken by “Yashaswi” for you to get good returns.

Don’t wait to invest in Real Estate … Invest in Real Estate and wait!